Pearl's Disappearing Act
Pearl has magical tricks up her sleeve. All she needs is an audience. But each member of her family has other plans. Mama's cleaning up, Grams needs a cat nap, her brother wants some personal space, and Dad's in the bathroom with the sports section. This tries Pearl's patience. Can she ever get their attention?

Sally Had a Pillowcase
Sometimes a child knows she needs to hang on to a treasured possession, even when others don't.

Nothing Ever Happens at My House
Everyone's home is more interesting than Sam's. All of his friends have better toys and playful dogs, but Sam doesn't even have a pet; only a little sister. Is it possible for Sam to have fun at his own house?

Bentley and Hamilton Exercise
Hamilton ate too many Chocolate Crinkles last night. This morning, he's at low ebb. His friend Bentley is only too happy to help him feel tip-top again. Can Bentley really make Hamilton feel better?

Stuart is Saddled
Stuart's teacher orders him around in some very unusual circumstances. Will Stuart do what is expected of him? Stuart is Saddled will be featured in the September issue of Stories for Children Magazine.

© 2009 Amy Baskin